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How can I sign in?

Use your facebook account or mobile number registered to Every Day! Rewards for your points to be included and other cards to be combined.

You may send your inquiries/suggestions/comments to our customer care representatives through the CLiQQ App. Just tap on the sidebar menu at the upper left corner of the home screen, and go to Contact Us. In this screen, enter your email address (default email address is the one entered in the app during profile update), category of your concern and your detailed feedback. Once done, tap on the Continue icon to submit your feedback.

How will I know the latest promos and offers from 7-Eleven?

Promos and other offers can be found in the News & Promos screen. Just tap on the sidebar menu at the upper left corner of the home screen, and tap on News & Promos. Tap any of the news to views its complete details.

I noticed that an avatar for my account is available, is there a way that I can set my profile picture?

Yes! You may take a photo or upload an existing image from your gallery and set it as your profile picture. Just tap on the sidebar menu at the upper left corner of the home screen, and tap on the avatar. Your profile will be displayed in this screen. Tap on the Edit icon to update any of the information or tap on the avatar to update your profile picture. Once done, tap on the Save icon.


How do I connect to CLiQQ WiFi?

First, go to a CLiQQ WiFi zone and connect to the hotspot. For the best experience, download the CLiQQ app to enable auto-sign-in. If you still don’t have the app, open the sign in page that appears when you first connect to the hotspot and register. Once signed in, use your 70MB free data allocation to download the CLiQQ app.

How much does it cost?

A: All users get 70MB free. Use the CLiQQ app to add WiFi credits (1 reward point = 20MB). Show the barcode on your app to earn 1 reward point for every P50 purchase (excludes services and commission based items) at 7-Eleven. WiFi credits are valid for 180 days.

Points MB Validity
1 20MB 180 days
5 100MB 180 days
10 200MB 180 days
50 1000MB 180 days

What is auto-sign-in?

Once you install the CLiQQ app, auto-sign-in is turned on by default so that you can enjoy internet access automatically when you enter a CLiQQ WiFi zone. All you need to do is to connect to the CLiQQ WiFi hotspot at least once.

How fast is this wifi?

Over 800 locations have high speed wifi marked with the “High Speed CLiQQ WiFi” logo. In these locations, YouTube videos start playing within 5 seconds.

Where can I find CLiQQ WiFi zones?

All 7-Eleven stores nationwide are CLiQQ WiFi zones.

What happens when I run out of data in my account?

You will receive a notification that your CLiQQ WiFi balance has ran out. You may touch the notification to go directly to the Add WiFi Credits screen on the CLiQQ app.

CLiQQ Rewards

Can I use my app to earn points?

Yes! Just present the barcode found at the home screen of your app or widget to earn points, brand e-stamps and raffle entries.


I registered a new number, how can I get my points?

You can transfer your points via SMS or Website: SMS: ‘Give {mobile number} {points}’ and send to 0917-8711-150 Website: Log in and click on Give Points, Input designated number and points to be given

I have an inactive card, can I activate it using the app?

Once signed in, tap on the barcode to display list of Every Day! Rewards cards linked to your account. Tap on the Add (+) icon at the upper right corner of the screen, enter the card number you want to add then tap on the Check icon. Make sure that the card is not registered to any other mobile number.

How can I check my reward balances?

At the home screen of your app, tap on Rewards Balance. Then at the CLiQQ Rewards screen, tap on Rewards Balance again to display your account balances. Tap on each of the Rewards Cards, e-Stamps and Raffle Entries to check the details.

I have redeemed a reward from the catalog, how can I claim it?

From the app’s home screen, tap on Rewards Balance, then tap Redeem thumbnail. This screen displays all rewards that you can redeem. Then swipe to the left to display all rewards that you may claim from 7-Eleven store.

Is there a way to check previous transactions I have made?

Yes! Rewards History can now be viewed using your app. Just go to CLiQQ Rewards screen and tap on the 3 dots above your current balance. Transactions made using your points are recorded in this screen. You may also search for a particular transaction by using the date parameters.

What do exclamation point/number in the bell mean?

The bell found in the home screen indicates notifications. Exclamation point means there’s a nearby CLiQQ WiFi zone while number shows any of the following: (1) a new update is available; (2) a reward is waiting to be claimed; (3) there are new promos or offers.

Can I send points to my friends?

Yes! You can send points and e-stamps to anyone using your app. Just go to CLiQQ Rewards by tapping Rewards Balance in your home screen. Then tap Send Points thumbnail. Enter all required details then tap Continue.

I am qualified to redeem a reward and I want to give it to my friend. Can I do that?

Yes! You can send reward directly to your friends provided that you know their mobile numbers. Just go to the reward that you want to give and tap Give as Gift. Enter the mobile number of your friend, you may also add a short message to make it more personalized. Once done, tap Continue.


What is the Every Day! Rewards Card?

The Every Day! Rewards Card is the physical card that contains the cardholder’s card number. This card shall be presented to the cashier in every purchase to earn points. We recommend you to download the CLiQQ app which will also provide you with a barcode. You may add up to 3 Every Day! Rewards cards to your CLiQQ app.

How can I get an Every Day! Rewards Card?

An Every Day! Rewards card is available for purchase for P10 at the store. We recommend you to download the CLiQQ app instead which will also provide you with a barcode for free.

I lost the mobile phone that I used to activate my card, what should I do?

Sign in to your account, go to My Account, and click Change Mobile Number.

Input your old mobile number and your new mobile number and submit. Make sure to use your new mobile number the next time you log in at the Every Day Rewards website.

I lost my mobile phone and I can’t log in at the website because I forgot my old mobile number. What should I do?

Call our Customer Care Hotline and provide them the correct details of your account. They will process your request and you will receive the instructions that you need to access your account within the next 24 hours.

Here are the Customer Care Hotlines:

Customer Care Hotlines:

(02) 485 7889
(0917) 714 7190
(0922) 879 2134