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Date Last Updated: March 21, 2018


How can I sign in?

Use your facebook account or mobile number registered to CLiQQ Rewards / Every Day! Rewards for your points to be included and other cards to be combined.

You may send your inquiries/suggestions/comments to our customer care representatives through the CLiQQ App. Just click on the Profile Icon at the upper left corner of the home screen, and click Contact Us at the bottom. In this screen, enter your email address (default email address is the one entered in the app during profile update), category of your concern and your detailed feedback. Once done, click on the SEND icon to submit your feedback.

How will I know the latest promos and offers from 7-Eleven?

Promos and other offers can be found in the News & Promos screen. Just click on Rewards Balance on the home screen, and click on News & Promos. Click any of the news to views its complete details.

I noticed that an avatar for my account is available, is there a way that I can set my profile picture?

Yes! You may take a photo or upload an existing image from your gallery and set it as your profile picture. Just click on the Profile Icon at the upper left corner of the home screen, and click on the avatar to change the photo.


How do I connect to CLiQQ WiFi?

First, go to a CLiQQ WiFi zone inside any 7-Eleven store and connect to the hotspot. For the best experience, download the CLiQQ app to enable auto-sign-in. If you still don’t have the app, open the sign-in page that appears when you first connect to the hotspot and register. Once signed in, use your 70MB free data allocation to download the CLiQQ app.

How much does it cost?

A: All users get 70MB free. Use the CLiQQ app to add WiFi credits (1 reward point = 20MB). Show the barcode on your app to earn 1 reward point for every P50 purchase (excludes services and commission based items) at 7-Eleven. WiFi credits are valid for 180 days.

Points MB Validity
1 20MB 180 days
5 100MB 180 days
10 200MB 180 days
50 1000MB 180 days

What is auto-sign-in?

Once you install the CLiQQ app, auto-sign-in is turned on by default so that you can enjoy internet access automatically when you enter a CLiQQ WiFi zone. All you need to do is to connect to the CLiQQ WiFi hotspot at least once.

How fast is this wifi?

Over 800 locations have high speed wifi marked with the “High Speed CLiQQ WiFi” logo. In these locations, YouTube videos start playing within 5 seconds.

Where can I find CLiQQ WiFi zones?

All 7-Eleven stores nationwide are CLiQQ WiFi zones.

What happens when I run out of data in my account?

You will receive a notification that your CLiQQ WiFi balance has ran out. You may touch the notification to go directly to the Add WiFi Credits screen on the CLiQQ app.

CLiQQ Rewards

Can I use my app to earn points?

Yes! Just present the barcode found on the home screen of the CLiQQ app or widget to earn points, brand e-stamps and raffle entries.

I registered a new number, how can I get my points?

You can transfer your points via SMS or Website:


Website: Log in and click on Give Points, input designated number and points to be given

I have an inactive card, can I activate it using the app?

Once signed in, just click on the Profile Icon on the upper left corner of the Home screen and click on Cards at the bottom of the page to display a list of all the Every Day! Rewards cards linked to your account. Enter the card number you want to add then click on the UPDATE icon. Make sure that the card is not registered to any other mobile number.

How can I check my reward balances?

At the home screen of your app, click on Manage Transactions. Then at the Transaction history screen, you will see 3 Tabs, Points for CLiQQ Rewards, CLiQQ PAY for the wallet transactions and 7-Connect for the transactions related to Bills Payments, Buy Load and Pins and Add eMoney transactions. Click on each of the transactions to check the details.

I have redeemed a reward from the catalog, how can I claim it?

From the app’s home screen, click on Manage Transactions and then click on the Points tab, your redeemed reward barcode will be accessible. Simply show this transaction barcode to any 7-eleven cashier for claiming.

Is there a way to check previous transactions I have made?

Yes! Rewards History can now be viewed using your app. Just click on Manage Transactions at the bottom of the app Home page. Under the Points tab, all transactions made and points earned, are recorded on this screen.

Can I send points to my friends?

Yes! You can send points and e-stamps to anyone using the CLiQQ app. Just go to CLiQQ Rewards by clicking the Rewards Balance on your home screen. Then click the Send Points button. Enter all required details then click SEND.

I am qualified to redeem a reward and I want to give it to my friend. Can I do that?

Yes! You can send rewards directly to your friends, provided that you know their mobile numbers. Just select the reward that you want to give and click Give as Gift and enter the recipient’s mobile number.


What is the CLiQQ Rewards Card / Every Day! Rewards Card?

The CLiQQ Rewards Card / Every Day! Rewards Card is the physical card that contains the cardholder’s card number. This card shall be presented to the cashier during every purchase to earn points. We recommend that you download the CLiQQ app which will also provide you with a barcode. You may add up to 7 CLiQQ Rewards Card / Every Day! Rewards cards to your CLiQQ app.

Why do I need so many CLiQQ Rewards cards?

We encourage our users to give CLiQQ Rewards cards to family and friends, so that everyone can earn points when they spend in 7-Eleven. You may assign multiple cards to your account to keep points earning centralized, (ex. within a family, amongst a barkada). All the points go to one account making it easier and faster to redeem rewards.

How can I get a CLiQQ Rewards card?

A CLiQQ Rewards is available for purchase for Php10 at any 7-Eleven branches nationwide. However, we recommend that you download our CLiQQ app or find us on Messenger which will also provide you with a barcode!

I lost the mobile phone that I used to activate my card, what should I do?

Go to and Sign in to your account, go to My Account, and click Change Mobile Number.

Input your old mobile number and your new mobile number and submit. Make sure to use your new mobile number the next time you log into the Every Day! Rewards website.

I lost my mobile phone and I can’t log in at the website because I forgot my old mobile number. What should I do?

Call our Customer Care Hotline and provide them with the requested details Most requests are resolved within 24 hours.

Here are the Customer Care Hotlines:


I did not earn points for some of my transactions. Why?

Points show on your account within 15 minutes to an hour. Also, you can only earn points for physical goods bought in 7-Eleven. You do not earn points when you pay bills, buy load and add e-Money.

You also might have exceeded the limits as per table below:

Daily Limits Weekly Limits
Scan Rewards Card, Pay with Cash Earn only on the first 2 transactions per day Earn maximum 250 points weekly
Pay with CLiQQ PAY Wallet (No need to scan rewards card) Earn up to 10 transactions per day Earn maximum of 1,250 points weekly

The limits of paying with cash and paying with CLiQQ PAY wallet are different.

CLiQQ PAY Wallet

What is CLiQQ PAY Wallet?

CLiQQ PAY Wallet is a loyalty mobile app for cashless transactions that you may use at all of the 2,000+ 7-Eleven stores. Payment is now easier and faster, and earns you the same amount of points when compared to cash transactions.

This wallet comes with an E-Payment bar code (via Buy in 7-Eleven button) that will be scanned by the cashier from your mobile phone. For every Php50 purchase of goods (excluding services like Bills Payments, Load and e-Money), this earns you 1 point. If you complete a cash payment in the same amount, you also earn 1 point.

From time to time, we will increase or decrease the number of points rewarded for spending with the wallet, so be sure to keep up to date with your News and Promos.

Prior to CLiQQ PAY Wallet, customers needed to have their rewards card scanned, pay through cash and wait for change. These three steps have now been replaced - now you can scan and go.

How do I setup my CLiQQ PAY Wallet?

Wallet setup is a quick 3-step process. Simply download the CLiQQ App onto your mobile phone (available for Android / iOS), select the CLiQQ PAY Open Wallet button, enter your email at prompt and select a Wallet PIN.

Why do I need to setup a Wallet PIN?

Your unique Wallet PIN is similar to an ATM PIN, both provide security to your CLiQQ PAY Wallet. You will be prompted for your PIN before spending. Please use a Wallet PIN that is easy for you to remember but hard for people to crack.

Why do I need to provide an email address?

Your email address is necessary for us as a failsafe for your account. In cases where users forget their Wallet PINs, or in cases of phone loss, the provided email will be our point of verification at customer service before we restore or block your account.

What do I do if I forget my Wallet PIN?

If you forgot your Wallet PIN, go to Profile, tap Contact Us and send us your concern or call our Customer Care Hotline: (02) 485 7889; (0917) 714 7190; (0922) 879 2134

I lost my phone. How do I change my mobile number?

Log on to and change your mobile number. For CLiQQ PAY, you need to contact Customer Service at or call our Customer Care Hotlines: (02) 485 7889; (0917) 714 7190; (0922) 879 2134

How do I load money into my CLiQQ PAY Wallet?

Loading money into your CLiQQ PAY wallet is easy. Simply click the Load Wallet button located in the PAY Homepage, select amount you wish to load, and present the generated barcode to any 7-Eleven cashier. Your balance will reflect instantly upon refresh. In case the updated wallet balance does not show, please check your internet connection.

What is the Redeem Code button in the Load Wallet page?

Click this button if you have a CLiQQ Gift Card from 7-Eleven that you would like to redeem. For Gift Card purchase, please contact our customer support team.

Can I use my points to pay at 7-Eleven?

No. The points can only be used to redeem items available on the CLiQQ Shop. Visit to view our catalogue.

How do I use the CLiQQ PAY Wallet to buy items in 7 Eleven?

Buying items with your CLiQQ PAY Wallet is simple and convenient. Simply click the Buy in 7-Eleven button, input your wallet PIN (your security), and present the subsequent barcode to the friendly cashier for scanning.

I do not have Internet access on my phone. How do I use the CLiQQ PAY Wallet to pay at 7-Eleven?

You can create the E-payment bar code while you are connected to WIFI. This E-Payment bar code changes every 60 seconds to protect the user. Afterwards, you have 30 minutes to complete your purchase using the e-payment bar code without an internet connection.

I do not have enough money in my CLiQQ PAY wallet. Can I combine my payment with CLiQQ PAY wallet and Cash?

No. You cannot combine cash and CLiQQ PAY wallet load to complete a transaction. It is recommended to load cash into the CLiQQ PAY wallet to maximize the points that you earn with the wallet.

If someone takes a picture of my E-Payment Bar Code, will they be able to use it?

No. The E-Payment Bar Code, once generated, even without WiFi or Internet access, will continuously change every 60 seconds to protect the user. After 60 seconds, the old E-Payment bar code becomes invalid.

What are the SEND and REQUEST buttons for?

The SEND and REQUEST buttons are part of the free money transfer service of CLiQQ PAY.

Use the SEND button to send money for free to any CLiQQ app user, provided both parties have activated their CLiQQ PAY wallet. This may be useful in cases of emergency, as 7-Eleven convenience stores are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Use the REQUEST button to ask for money from any CLiQQ app user provided they have their CLiQQ PAY wallet activated. The Sender only needs to Accept or Reject the request, making it easier to remit money.

What are the security limits of the app?

You may keep a maximum of Php 10,000 loaded into your CLiQQ Pay wallet. You will not be able to load money or receive money if your balance post transaction is to exceed the Php 10,000 maximum.

Action Daily Limits (Resets every 12 midnight)
CLiQQ App Verification Code Attempts 5
CLiQQ PAY Wallet PIN Attempts 3
CLiQQ PAY ePayment Bar Code use 10
Send Money 5
Request Money 5

In case you forgot your Wallet PIN, contact our customer service immediately.

When I click Pay Bills, Buy Load, Buy Pins or Add e-money, it seems to be blank or outdated?

Go to Profile, tap Settings and Reset Cache or Uninstall and Install the CLiQQ App again. To make the App faster, bills payment data are stored in the phone and only updates once in a while. For more detailed concerns please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to assist you.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Go to Profile, tap Contact Us and send us your concern or call our Customer Care Hotlines:

What’s new?

  1. CLiQQ PAY Wallet

    You may now get instant access to CLiQQ PAY Wallet. Please go to CLiQQ PAY Wallet FAQ Section to learn more.

  2. Pay Bills

    The CLiQQ app generates a 7-Connect Bar Code that you can show to any 7-Eleven cashier to pay your bills. There are over 200+ billers to choose from.

  3. Buy Load

    The CLiQQ app generates a 7-Connect Bar Code that you can show to any 7-Eleven cashier to buy different prepaid loads for Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, Touch Mobile and ABS CBN.

  4. Buy Pins

    The CLiQQ app generates a 7-Connect Bar Code that you can show to any 7-Eleven Cashier to buy different Game ePins.

  5. Add eMoney

    The CLiQQ app generates a 7-Connect Bar Code that you can show to any 7-eleven Cashier to cash in or add money to Gcash, Smart Paymaya and

  6. View Transactions

    When connected to the Internet, make sure to click on View Transactions first and confirm that the barcode has been saved on the phone and is showing on your screen before switching off the Internet connection.

    Even without an Internet connection, you can show the generated bar codes and use them to pay through any 7-Eleven cashier.

  7. Rewards

    Click on your points balance from the Homepage

  8. Settings

    Click on the Profile Icon in the upper lefthand corner of the Homepage to find the settings button and settings menu

  9. Free WiFi

    Click on the WiFi icon in the upper righthand corner of the Homepage to access the free CLiQQ WiFi.

Customer Care Hotlines:

(02) 485 7889
(0917) 714 7190
(0922) 879 2134